Esentya Estate


Esentya Properties does not charge you as a buyer. We get paid from builders / sellers of the property you buy.

Purchase fees:

  • Transfer fee: 10% of purchase price. 
  • 1.5% Document fee for new builds. 
  • Fee for notary and registry: Between €1,500 and €2,000 depending on purchase price, etc. 
  • NIE number: €70. 
  • Power of attorney (if necessary): €150.

Lawyer's fee:

  • Purchase price up to €100,000: €1,476.20. 
  • Purchase price up to €200,000: €1,597.20. 
  • Purchase price up to €400,000: €1,839.20. 
  • Purchase price from €400,001: €2,202.20.

This amounts to approximately 13-14% of the purchase price, and is added on top.

You can acquire financing from a Spanish bank while buying a home in Spain. The loan is then secured by the home you buy, and you can borrow up to 70% of the purchase price. We negotiate with the Spanish banks on your behalf, using a Norwegian bank broker. If you have solid security in Norway, there are different financing options available. With several years of financial consulting experience in Norway, we can quickly establish which option is appropriate for you.

Common costs in Spain is TV, power, water, common expenses, insurance, property tax / municipal taxes, and tax. Typically, the prices are comparable to purchasing a vacation property in Norway.